It’s Opening Night!!! After two weeks of laugh-filled previews, we’re finally set to open Jonathan Rockefeller’s THAT’S GOLDEN GIRLS SHOW – A PUPPET PARODY! Off-Broadway at the DR2 theatre in Union Square! Come join us for a 90 minute romp in Miami, 1985!

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‘That Golden Girls Show!’ re-creates Rose, Dorothy, Sophia a

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Cowpokes And Petticoats!


Fun, yodel-filled reading on August 7th of Blair Bybee’s new musical, Cowpokes and Petticoats! Featuring the vocal stylings of myself, Bart Shatto, Kasey Yeargain and Megan Albracht. Conceived, original book, and Directed by Blair Bybee. Musical arrangements and Musically Directed by Jason Bartosic. J. Curtis Thompson on guitar and banjo, And Nathan Yates Douglass on upright Bass.

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NEW!!!! Review of Ring of Fire at OCT!

OCT Review (Click to enlarge.)

“I suppose it’s natural that the one woman in the show should steal every scene, especially if she is as talented as Catherine Greenfield. Not only does Cat play banjo, dulcimer, and mandolin, but she has the perfect voice for country singing. And her chemistry with Sean and Phillip is made more powerful by its subtlety.

Whether she is raising her voice in a spiritual like “The Far Side Banks of Jordan,” or a ballad like “All Over Again,” or joining Sean in “Ring of Fire,” Cat hits the mark every time. When she ended the comic ditty, “Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart,” by yodeling, something I’ve never cared for before, I found she could make even that truly beautiful.”

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Interview with Oregon Cabaret Theatre

“Ring of Fire Cast Spotlight #1 – Cat Greenfield
The Medford Tribune says she “sang up a storm that would knock a possum off an Arkansas stump”, the Herald and News says she’s “the show’s ultimate performer”, and the Daily Tidings says she “showed her strength as a multi-instrumentalist with a celestial singing voice.” Don’t miss the performance everyone is raving about and get your tickets to Ring of Fire now!”

An interview with Oregon Cabaret Theatre for their 2016 production of Ring of Fire. Video taken from their facebook page. Visit their website at

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More Reviews for Ring of Fire at Oregon Cabaret Theatre!

A wonderful and flattering review by Jeffrey Gillespie for the Ashland Daily Tidings!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.04.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.04.36 PM

“Greenfield and Black pair well onstage, and they carry off many of the love songs of the evening with charm and style. With “Five Feet High and Rising,” as well as “Egg Suckin’ Dog,” the ensemble prove themselves capable of great comedic timing, and have a terrific grasp of the sly and homegrown humor that has long been cultivated below the Mason-Dixon Line. With “Flushed From the Bathroom Of Your Heart,” Greenfield is all tough Southern belle; a suitable segue into her onstage embodiment of June Carter Cash, Johnny’s longtime muse, and second only to God in his life.

Greenfield and Galuszka cover “If I Were a Carpenter,” which carries all of the passion of emergent love, and follow it with Carter’s own song, “Ring of Fire,” which she wrote with Merle Kilgore for Cash’s 1963 album of the same name. The company closes out a rollicking first set with “Jackson,” the country hit single about a disillusioned couple on their way to the bright lights of Jackson in an attempt to revive their love lives, independent of each other.”

“While Black, Carey and Leistner all give solid performances and deliver well for the company as a whole, the standouts of the evening were Galuszka and Greenfield — their chemistry and musical talent gave the audience moments of transcendence. Greenfield, in particular, showed her strength as a multi-instrumentalist with a celestial singing voice. Her performance alone is worth the price of admission.

As a whole, “Ring Of Fire” is a loving tribute to one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. With a tight-knit group of musicians and a responsive audience working hard to honor his legacy, Johnny Cash can continue to happily roll around heaven, all day.”

And a Trip Advisor review!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.02.34 PM
“…The show was outstanding. All the performers/musicians were top notch. Cat Greenfeild stood out and was incredible. She really brought an element of emotion to the performance that we both enjoyed thoroughly.”

Also a quick one from LEE JUILLERAT, for the Herald and News:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.50.21 PM

“And sometimes Catherine “Kit” Greenfield, the lone female, is sometimes Cash’s wife, June Carter Cash. Greenfield is the show’s ultimate performer, whether vocally soaring in “Sweet Bye and Bye,” energetically belting out “Ring of Fire” and “Jackson,” providing visual humor in “Flushed” and “While I’ve Got It On My Mind,” and variously playing an autoharp, guitar, mandolin and banjo.”

Thank you to everyone who’s come out so far! Ring of Fire is playing at the OCT until April 17th– come on out and let us sing you a story!

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Another Ring of Fire review!

Thank you to Edith Decker of the Daily Courier for the following review snippet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.28.41 AM

“Every one of the five performers held up his or her end of the singing and the music.

Greenfield, whose bell clear voice was the most impressive, also played banjo, mandolin, guitar and zither. And yodeled.

Carey played fiddle, piano and guitar. Black both sang and played bass and Galuszka and Leistner stuck to guitars.

None of them were attempting to immitate Cash. Who could? This never turned into an Elvis impersonating type of “salute.”

This was an evening with five extremely talented musicians running through Cash’s life and music.

They harmonized wonderfully together, played all their own music to sing to and brought us along for the ride. It felt a bit like we’d stumbled into a great, great jam session.

“Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash” isn’t only for fans. Even people who think they’re not that familiar with the Man in Black’s music will find plenty to enjoy.

And I dare you to try to keep from tapping your toes.”

Head on over to Oregon Cabaret Theatre in Ashland Oregon to see this show before we close on April 17th!


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Review for Ring of Fire!
Many thanks to Bill Varble of the Mail Tribune for this one!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 3.38.38 AM

And for the most part that’s the case here, aided by Carey’s ability to slip back and forth between guitar, piano and fiddle. But the mulit-instrumental championship goes to Greenfield, who played guitar, banjo, mandolin, autoharp and sang up a storm that would knock a possum off an Arkansas stump.

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Ring of Fire– Oregon Cabaret Theatre

Having a great time at Oregon Cabaret Theatre, where we just opened Ring of Fire on February 11th!


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.16.13 AM
Quoted text courtesy of Mail Tribune and Vickie Aldous

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.30.04 PM

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SO excited to be reprising my role as Trenna in Ring of Fire– this time at Oregon Cabaret Theatre!
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Tour is Winding Down!

(Image: Cat as King Cryolophosaurus)

I have been on tour with Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train Live– Buddy’s Big Adventure, since the first of the year! It has been a wild ride– from Colorado through to Texas, up to the Dakotas, down and across to California, up into Washington, all which way until Kentucky, and then up up up into Canada, back down into the US… whew! And now we’re resting ourselves and performing our final NY shows before taking the long drive to Florida for our final week together. We have become a family on this tour– after all, we saw the Thing? together; hugged the world’s largest pistachio; visited a number of weird old Dinosaur parks; gazed at (and drove ourselves through) lots of beautiful countryside on our epic drive across the country; had our luggages stolen in Fresno; saw Niagara Falls; took trains, planes, and automobiles; visited some of the most iconic music destinations; and even made our own puppets on our days off in hotels. We have eaten our way through many strange meals, survived many hardships, experienced many joys, slept in many hotels, and have really become a big weird family. As a puppeteer, and as the swing especially, I have had the blessing of learning how to skillfully operate (sometimes with short notice) all of the puppets on our tour– even ones I wasn’t hired to perform!

(Image: Cat as Buddy T-Rex)

I am physically stronger than I have ever been, mentally more able to hop between characters like a little bunny, and definitely a lot more patient and focused than I was before this tour. I have learned a lot, and I have the folks at Gables Grove, Mills Entertainment, and Mungioli Theatricals, to thank for it– as well as the cast and amazing team! It’s been a heck of a ride on the Dinosaur Train… here’s to another week or so of excellence– ALL ABOARD!

(Image: Cat as Mr. Conductor)

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