Another Ring of Fire review!

Thank you to Edith Decker of the Daily Courier for the following review snippet!

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“Every one of the five performers held up his or her end of the singing and the music.

Greenfield, whose bell clear voice was the most impressive, also played banjo, mandolin, guitar and zither. And yodeled.

Carey played fiddle, piano and guitar. Black both sang and played bass and Galuszka and Leistner stuck to guitars.

None of them were attempting to immitate Cash. Who could? This never turned into an Elvis impersonating type of “salute.”

This was an evening with five extremely talented musicians running through Cash’s life and music.

They harmonized wonderfully together, played all their own music to sing to and brought us along for the ride. It felt a bit like we’d stumbled into a great, great jam session.

“Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash” isn’t only for fans. Even people who think they’re not that familiar with the Man in Black’s music will find plenty to enjoy.

And I dare you to try to keep from tapping your toes.”

Head on over to Oregon Cabaret Theatre in Ashland Oregon to see this show before we close on April 17th!


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