2023 In Review!

2023 was a whirlwind of gigs!

More fun with Up In Arms Puppetry

Began singing wedding and event gigs with the renowned Mclean Avenue Band

First ever production of Rockabilly Rumble, the 1950s tribute show!

Springtime in Wisconsin in Grumpy Old Men at The Fireside Theatre

Puppeteered and sang as a guest artist for the New Jersey Choral Society

Modeling for a bike commercial with Cannondale

Summer concerts for the Ronald McDonald House charity!

Filming a short film, Under The Influence, in Maryland

Helping bring a new musical, The Picher Project, to life

Helping bring another new musical, An Axemas Story, to life

Releasing an original Christmas tune with my band

And more modeling gigs than one knows what to do with!

Oh! And new headshots from Shani Hadjian!

What a great year! Three cheers for 2023, and here’s to another year of diverse entertainment opportunities, travel, wackiness, and joy!

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