Reviews are rolling in for THAT GOLDEN GIRLS SHOW!

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“Far and away, there were two standout performances. It was if a recording of Rue McClanahan was being played as Cat Greenfield opened her mouth. Between the spot on physicalization and flawless Blanche dialect, cadence and all, Greenfield’s performance was one for the ages. It’s something you have to see to believe.” -Theater In The Now

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“Greenfield’s Blanche is salaciously flirty and charismatic, her hyperbolic expressions and Southern drawl always hilarious, but never breaking character.” -NY Theatre Guide

That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody by Jonathan Rockefeller. Photos by Russ Rowland (14)

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“In That Golden Girls Show! those hilarious broads are back, transformed into Avenue Q-like, rod Muppets (large heads, movable mouths, and only upper bodies and hands) manipulated by actors in black; puppet creator Joel Gennari does a great job directing their use. The actors, who perfectly synchronize their facial expressions and body movements with those of their avatars, and speak all their lines in character, include three women—Cat Greenfield as Blanche, Emmanuelle Zeesman as Sophia, Arlee Chadwick as Rose—and a man, Michael LaMasa (replacing Weston Chandler Long), as Dorothy. Bea Arthur, the original Dorothy was notably tall and mannish, so when LaMasa and his puppet enter and deliver a line in Arthur’s deadpan rasp, the laugh meter jumps. The accuracy with which the cast nails the originals’ distinctive vocal and physical mannerisms is the show’s most memorable feature.”

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“And Cat Greenfield is an utter joy as Blanche, flawlessly evoking Rue McClanahan’s melodramatic musicality and Southern-fried insatiability, without losing sight of the needy, terrified woman within.” -Talkin’ Broadway

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“Greenfield’s simpering Rue McClanahan is also a riot, especially after Blanche discovers her facelift has been botched. Everyone in the cast does a great job handling their puppets, displaying a specific relationship between puppet and performer that helps us accept that our protagonists are being carried around by black-clad manipulators three times their size.” -Theater Mania

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