So I Know You’re Mine (Official Music Video)

Deja Vu (Official Music Video)

Cat Greenfield is a singer-songwriter and performance artist based in NYC. While all of her music lives in the folk world, her eclectic style weaves in elements of Americana, pop, experimental acoustic rock, and often the tight harmonies reminiscent of her childhood in the bluegrass scene. Most important to her music are her lyrics. She doesn’t shy away from dangerous, embarrassing, vulnerable topics, seeking instead to embrace the listener with a sense of intimate confidentiality, all while telling an honest story with her trademark frankness and floral wordplay.

Her most recent single, Deja Vu, is a departure from her usual style. This song is a love letter to anyone who’s ever been through what it’s like to rebuild trust in a relationship, to love yourself enough to set clear boundaries, and learn to trust yourself again. It’s a marriage of acoustic folk and chiptune – a folk singer working out her feelings through nerdy Matrix references. Producer Cecilnick perfectly fuses folk and chiptune into a folktronica track that takes the listener on a cinematic musical journey. Cat hopes there are folx out there who will hear this and feel seen, and resolve to “jump off the roof” into trust, while still standing by their boundaries; after all, that’s the only place where self love and love of others can exist. She is currently recording her second album– stay tuned!